Ms. Poseno

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Important Dates and Reminders:

1) Turning in reading logs and Thursday folders

2) Completing a written response during reading rotations (3x per week)

3) Morning work each day

I am not sending a paper for reading logs home anymore, please have your kiddo keep track of their reading on a piece of paper or in a notebook to send in every Friday. If you want a notebook, please let me know!


disagree, dislike, distrust, reheat, reread, reuse, unhappy, unlock, unpack, unsafe

careful, colorful, fearless, helpful, painless, priceless, speechless, spoonful, spotless, useful

**please have your child focus on the blue list words unless I have spoken to them about trying the more challenging list

disassembled, displeasure, disappeared, reconsider, restock, recycled, rethink, unblemished, unrivaled, unsalted

delightful, fanciful, tearful, beautiful, countless, penniless, harmless, successful, aimless, doubtful

None for this week

****Reading logs must be turned in every week, however all other homework is optional but HIGHLY encouraged. If anything extra is completed and turned in by the end of the week will earn your student 3 dojo points for each assignment.