WHat will students Learn

This semester students will learn the principals of design while understanding and developing skills with unique tools and mediums. When completing a unit students will be given lessons for technique and skill along with a history study of the medium's, design, and techniques origin and impact. Within the unit students will have small mini projects to practice and develop the skill before the final project. Each final project students will be given a rubric in to help guide them in the expectations of the finished project. Below you will see examples of the projects we will complete this semester.

Mandala Arts and their influences

Students begin learning about the ancient Mandala art and its techniques by painting paper discs & rocks

Students then move to adding their own creative impression using the Mandala techniques but add their own unique design

Students will learn how the Mandala Art has traveled through space time making impression on art we see today.

Final Project: Students will create a rain stick that shows the principals of design (Balance, Movement, and Emphases) using mandala techniques and design.

Working with Plastics

Student will learn about works of art created by plastics

Students will be introduced to different techniques when creating works of art with plastics.

Students will discover different uses with plastics found within their own household.

Final Project: Students will create their own design of Jelly fish using the principals of design, techniques studied within the unit, and two different plastic mediums.

balance & movement, with Paper Mache

Students will learn the different techniques with Paper Mache

This project will be broken up into separate stages where students will create a wire form that concentrates on body proportions.

The second part of project students will add movement

The Study of Clay and different techniques

Through remote learning students will discover and be exposed to clay sculptures all over the world. Students will also receive video examples of different techniques used in the world of clay.

Students will apply earlier techniques learned in class and apply them to imprint on clay.

Students will learn the two types of vase techniques choosing between a slab or coil vase using imprinting and design.

Gargoyle Project: Students will use what they learned in human proportion to create a gargoyle like face.