Welcome to 

First Grade


Welcome First grade students and families,

I am excited to be your child's teacher this year. 

 This is our class website. You can use this website to access different support staff, our schools SEL program and counselor

Please click on the tab   Week at a  Glance : this will tell you what we are learning each week in class. 

 Helpful Link  Tab : This page has some resources and tips for literacy and math work at home 

Mrs. Hauser 

About Me: 

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Classroom Rules and Expectations 

Classroom Expectations

Be Kind:  Use nice words, keep hands and feet to yourself, help others . . .

Be Respectful:  Follow the instructions of the teacher the first time they are given, listen to others when they speak, raise your hand before you speak, stop what you are doing to listen to announcements . . .

Be Safe: Walk in the hallways, do not throw things inside the classroom, put away your backpack and coat.

Be Ready: Have the necessary supplies, eyes on the speaker or the teacher, recharge your body by coming to school rested and nourished

Be Your Best: Always try your best, even if you think you are going to make a mistake

ROAR Behavior 


Own it

Act Safely


In our class, we use a variety of resources to help us ROAR each day. 

    We use golden tickets to reward positive behavior.At the end of the week we do prize box. If you have at least one golden ticket at the end of week you get to pick a prize.  If you have five golden tickets you get to pick a prize and get a ROAR ticket.  

Roar Tickets can be used for our weekly school drawing or you can hold onto them and  turn them in for fun days like ( stuff animal day, wear sunglasses, play with legos for 10 minutes)  

Students that are not following ROAR are given Think Sheets after being given 3 warnings .

Class Schedule  

8:25-8:40- Active Grizzlies in the room 

8:40-8:55 :  SEL - Morning Meeting 

8:55--9:25  - Literacy - Wonders 

9:25 - 10:30  - Literacy: Center Time  and Win Time - includes snack as a center 

10:30-11:10  - Specials 

11:15-12:05-  Lunch and Recess 

12:05-12:30- Tier 2 Literacy   

  12:30-:1:05- Math - Whole Group/Math Centers 

1:05-1:40- Math Win Time 

1:40 -2:05   - Math Centers - Snack during centers 

2:05: 2:25  - Recess 

2:25 - 2:40 - Read Aloud

2:45-3:15- S. Studies and Science 

3:20- Pack Up 

3:25- Dismissal