Mrs. Hanson's

7th Grade

Science Class

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Basic Information

Welcome to Ms. Hanson's 7th grade Navigator's science class! I come from a family of educators, and now--is it really true?--I have taught for over 30 years! After graduating from the University of Colorado (Denver), with a B.S. in biology and a minor in geology. I earned a Masters in Curriculum from the University of Denver. I believe in my bones that I was born to teach. I am passionate about making the complex simple, having fun in the classroom, and seeing kids succeed. I'm always reading, always learning, always curious. I'm a teacher, but also a student, a student of science and life itself. I'm married to an internal medicine physician, who sometimes visits to enlighten, challenge, or encourage my students to consider science-based careers. My expertise aside, I love 7th graders. (Some people wonder how middle school teachers do it, but let me tell you...). Seventh graders are happy, eager to learn, curious, and inspiring. The kids give back to me just because they're great kids. Words cannot describe the reward of seeing a child discover, understand, and apply. As your teacher, I'm all in. You ready?

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