Mrs. Crawley's

4th Grade Class

Family Fun: Denver has many amazing cultural opportunities. The Denver Art Museum is the only museum in the United States to show the work of Degas on its world tour. It is here now until May. We also have a wonderful theater and concert halls downtown. I hope you have the opportunity to visit one of our many cultural sites.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Here is a little bit about Mrs. Crawley:

  • I love kids, Colorado and 4th grade.
  • I am a wife, mother and community member.
  • I love the outdoors, travel, and creating new things.

Belief Statements:

  • I believe in the individual, and the uniqueness that we all have to share.
  • I believe in the power of a team, and that we can do more together.
  • I believe we all have something to learn and something to teach.


  • BA: Psychology and Elementary Education
  • MA: Education

Favorite Quote:

  • "You make each day a special day. You know how, by just your being you. There's only one person in this whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are. " Mister Rogers

Important Dates:

March 9th:9:00 am - 4th and 5th PRIDE assembly

March 12th-16th: Parent- Teacher Conferences

March 19th- March 23rd : Spring Break