STEM with Mr. Reese

Build and creating !

3D printing

harnessing the power of the sun

STEM is a fun class as students have a great deal of voice and choice in this elective. The main item we study is the Engineering Design Process. Broken down into simple terms: what is your thinking process when you have a problem. Students will be able to explore Drafting, 3D printing, Robotics, Programming, hot air ballon construction, bridge building and Solar Energy to demonstrate their growth in the Engineering Design Process.

Your grade is not dependent upon whether you make a perfect product; rather I am looking for what did you learn in the process. Failure is part of the process and that is expected when you are first learning a new skill. If you do your best on the daily tasks, then all will be well.


Day 1 :journal ( about 40 pages total),

By the third day a computer ( I have computers that can be used in class if you do not have one,

By the 4th week protractor and 12 inch t- square, .