Headstrong Theatre

Welcome to Mountain Ridge Middle School's Headstrong drama! The mission of Headstrong Theatre is to empower students to be focused on and dedicated to making the arts accessible and relevant to all while fostering excellence in the pursuit of their creative endeavors. Please explore this page as it provides information about Headstrong Theatre productions as well as drama classes. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach me at teatherton1@dcsdk12.org.

Fall Play 2022

Performances:September 30th @ 7PMOctober 1st @ 2PMOctober 1st @ 7PM

Winter Musical 2023

Performances:March 3rd @ 7PMMarch 4th @ 2PMMarch 4th @ 7PM

About Mr. Eatherton

Growing up less than 10 miles from MRMS in Parker, I was quickly drawn to drama and theatre; being a part of more than 50 productions. I have two brothers; both who have a passion for sports, while also being great visual artists. I believe that it is important that students who are interested in athletics should have an interest in some practical/performing art as well. It makes us all well rounded human beings.

In addition to theatre, I enjoy roaming around Denver (especially the Zoo, restaurants, and museums!), reading plays, exploring Colorado, skiing, performing (when I can) and watching movies (especially around Oscar time). I also have the biggest love for the beach, surfing, paddle boarding  and could spend the rest of my life in the sand!

Drama/Stagecraft focuses on performing and presenting our own artistic creations and can be vulnerable. I strive to make sure we have created an environment that caters to exploring the theatre arts. Please let me know if you need any additional support within classes (or after school) and how I can be helpful.