Supplies for Stagecraft:

  • Notebook
  • Colored Pencils

Welcome to Stagecraft! This will be the hub for assignment help and resources throughout the semester. Here you will find a calendar, assignments, and information. Please check this page if you missed class before asking Mr. Eatherton.

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What is Stagecraft?

Prerequisites: None.

Description: Technical theatre is a course designed for the student interested in the non-performance side of theatre. In this class, students will focus both on design and construction in several areas. Topics covered in this class can include, but are not limited to: set design, set construction and painting, lighting design, costume design and construction, stage makeup, sound design, marketing and business design, and color theory. As part of the class you will be able to be a part of the Technical Design process for the Fall and Spring Production of the middle school, as well as working on aspects of production within the school. This course will allow each student to choose an area of specialization and work on a higher level.

Students will identify and understand basic technical terminology, become an expert in one area of technical theatre, become creative in the design process, and develop the ability to analyze a piece of literature from a technical viewpoint. Students will also recognize technical theatre as an art form, communicate through artistic design and design execution, collaborate with others in problem-solving situations, critique theatre and fine arts constructively, take responsibility towards theatre and its components, and, above all, become a lifelong consumer of the arts.