MRMS volleyball

8th-grade A-Team Are district champions for 2023!!!

the 2023-24 season for 7th-grade is underway!

8th-grade Volleyball 7th-grade Volleyball

7th and 8th-grade Volleyball Guidelines

B-Team MAtches begin at 4 pm.  

A-Team plays right after B-Team.   

The first round of C-Team matches begin at 4 pm.

Head Coach (A/B):     

Michele Ahrens

C Coaches:

Jennifer Cancino

Welcome to MRMS Volleyball 2023-24! 

It's time to GET A PHYSICAL and GET REGISTERED for our 2023-24 season! 

Registration: Please register on MySchoolBucks and get a current physical from your pediatrician or a walk-in clinic (cheap! easy! fast!) Then, bring your completed physical to the MRMS office before the first day of practice. It takes some time to process paperwork and we want ALL players to be able to practice on day one!


8th grade's first day of practice is August 8th! 

7th grade's first day of practice is September 11th!

By the First Day of Practice:

Make sure you are registered and have all paperwork turned in by the first day of practice! 

Please wear athletic, school-appropriate clothing--including athletic shoes--and bring a water bottle.  Knee pads are suggested, but NOT required.

NO JEWELRY is to be worn during practice or games.  PLEASE do NOT get any new piercings before our 5 week season ends!

Practices are held Monday-Friday from 2:50-4:30 pm in the gym.  You must be changed, hydrated, etc. and in the gym by 2:50 pm.  We will begin practice promptly at 2:50 pm.