Watch the below video- It explains what to do...

Build a highly accurate prototype drop-copter (see movies at bottom of page) that can hold 1 large bandaid and deliver it to a specific target. (You will drop the drop-copter from the mezzanine to the commons floor into a hula hoop.)

Role: You are an Engineer.

Audience: Your client is/are people in need of food/medical/ emergency supplies that can be delivered no other way.

Situation: Your team has been chosen to design a light weight, non-parachute system by Doctors Without Borders. Parachutes often get caught on high pointy things like trees and telephone poles. Dropcopters solve this issue.


You will choose and build a drop-copter from the designs provided or create a hybrid design of your own making/choosing that can hit the target hula hoop most consistently.

Design Requirements:

3 Must Do's

First MUST DO: Watch these videos

Second MUST DO: Draw three prototypes of your choosing after watching the above videos- How...? Watch below video.

Tutorial-Tech Drawing.m4v

Third MUST DO: Get Mr. Kasper to sign off on 3 prototypes then you can start building. ***For a Content Grade***