Hey-Oh Mayo

Mrs. Mayo's 4th Grade Class Website


Welcome to our class website. On this website, you will find recently updated information about what is happening in our classroom. Please check back often to see important dates and announcements.

Important Announcements!

Thursday Folders will be sent home every... Thursday! Please make sure your child brings back their folder (empty) every Thursday!

Reading Logs are due on Friday!

Field Trip to the Capitol Building in Denver on Wednesday, October 31. Please make sure you give your child permission on MySchoolBucks.com.

Student Shout-Outs!

Students submit shout outs for each other to be posted on our class website!

Cydney wants to give a shout out to Tessa! "Thanks Tessa for telling Mrs. Mayo the truth and being honest!"

Cydney wants to give a shout out to Katie! "She has been working hard all the time!"

Anonymous wants to give a shout out to Maddie! "Maddie said 'cool' to a craft we were making in art at my table. She said it was awesome!

Cydney wants to give a shout out to Trent J.! "He threw my snack trash away without me asking!"