Ranch View Middle School Music

Mr. Garcia

Email Jgarcia2@Dcsdk12.org


Fall Concert - October 12th - 6:00 PM call, 6:30 PM Start. 

Winter Concert CHORAL @ TRHS - December 12th, - 6:30 PM call, 7:00 PM Start. 

Winter Concert INSTRUMENTAL - December 14th, - 6:00 PM call, 6:30 PM Start. 

Spring Concert INSTRUMENTAL - March 11, - 6:00 PM call, 6:30 PM Start. 

Spring Concert Choral @ TRHS - March 14th, - 6:30 PM call, 7:00 PM Start. 

End of Year Concert - May 14th, 2024 - - 6:00 PM call time, 6:30 PM Start. 

Sight Reading Factory

(Generate unlimited RANDOM sight-reading exercises for practice, class, and study)

Creation/ Electronic/ Production

Soundtrap  - Online Digital Audio Workstation

Bandlab  - Online Digital Audio Workstation

One Motion - Chord Player

One Motion Drum Machine

BeepBox - Midi Sequencer

Ableton - Learning Studio

Audacity - Audio editor


(writing, composition,  arranging)




Modern Band 

Music Will - Lesson Videos for Guitar, Drums, Bass, Voice, Etc. 

Music Will - Skill Builders and Jam Alongs

Music Will - FREE Chord, Drum, Tab, Song Charts

FREE Online Music

 International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP)

The best place to go when searching for free (legal) scores is the IMSLP website.  IMSLP stands for International Music Score Library Project.  This is a website created to compile public domain music scores.These are free, legal scores that were published 50 years ago or more and are no longer protected by copyright. Once you get to this website, use the search engine to find the score you are looking for!

Randall Standridge - FREE BAND Music, Catalog, and Resources

Today in Music History