Second Grade with

 Mrs. Burns


Learning overview: 

Second grade is a year to continue to grow from the foundations of first grade.  It is a year to put into action the skills of reading for understanding and enjoyment. To expand writing abilities from a few sentences to a few paragraphs and see how it can be a tool to use to further express ourselves. A time to take our skills in single digit  adding and subtracting and apply to two and three digit problems as well as build flexible thinking when solving a given problem.  A time to explore the different properties of matter, how wind and water can bring changes to the Earth and the dependency needs of plants.  Learning how to use geographic tools for finding and identifying locations, how people of various cultures influence neighborhoods and communities over time and availability and use of resources, goods and services.



About me

I have been teaching for over 25 years in Douglas County with time in grades Kindergarten thru 6th.  This year I will be my third year at Eagle Ridge.   When I can I like to go for walks, read, kayak, hike (in the cooler seasons) and spend time with family friends.

I am now feeling settled in the Highlands Ranch Area, having downsized after living in Parker for over 20 years.  I am supported by my wonderful husband, Gary, who works as a technician in the Traffic Signal industry.  Our 3 children, all graduates from Douglas County, are young adults building life pathways in Tennessee (teaching), New Mexico (building family with 2 grandchildren) and Kentucky (stationed there by the Army after a tour in Alaska)

I am looking forward to the year ahead building a learning place that allows for all to grow in their skills and building of relationships.




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