iReady Math

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iReady Mathematics Program

*Each lesson is about a week of instruction.

Unit 1: Whole Numbers: Place Value, Comparison, Addition, and Subtraction

Lesson 1: Understand Place Value

Lesson 2: Compare Whole Numbers

Lesson 3: Round Whole Numbers

Lesson 4: Add Whole Numbers

Lesson 5: Subtract Whole Numbers

Unit 2: Operations: Multiplication, Division, and Algebraic Thinking

Lesson 6: Understand Multiplication as a Comparison

Lesson 7: Multiplication and Division in Word Problems

Lesson 8: Multiples and Factors

Lesson 9: Number and Shape Patterns

Lesson 10: Model and Solve Multi-Step Problems

Unit 3: Multi-Digit Operations and Measurement: Multiplication, Division, Perimeter and Area

Lesson 11: Multiply by One-Digit Numbers

Lesson 12: Multiply by Two-Digit Numbers

Lesson 13: Use Multiplication to Convert Measurements

Lesson 14: Divide Three-Digit Numbers

Lesson 15: Divide Four-Digit Numbers

Lesson 16: Find Perimeter and Area

Unit 4: Fractions, Decimals, and Measurement: Addition, Subtraction, and Multiplication

Lesson 17: Understand Equivalent Fractions

Lesson 18: Compare Fractions

Lesson 19: Understand Fraction Addition and Subtraction

Lesson 20: Add and Subtract Fractions

Lesson 21: Add and Subtract Mixed Numbers

Lesson 22: Add and Subtract Fractions in Line Plots

Lesson 23: Understand Fraction Multiplication

Lesson 24: Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

Lesson 25: Fractions as Tenths and Hundredths

Lesson 26: Relate Decimals and Fractions

Lesson 27: Compare Decimals

Lesson 28: Problems About Time and Money

Lesson 29: Problems About Length, Liquid Volume, Mass, and Weight

Unit 5: Geometry and Measurement: Figures, Classification, and Symmetry

Lesson 30: Points, Lines, Rays, and Angles

Lesson 31: Angles

Lesson 32: Add and Subtract with Angles

Lesson 33: Classify Two-Dimensional Figures

Lesson 34: Symmetry

 Wonders Literacy Program

Fourth graders are asked to complete a Reading Log form to be turned in at the end of each month. Students are expected to read 20 minutes a night (M-F) with a goal of 400 minutes a month. This is one of our Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).

Wonders Literacy Program

Unit 1 - Week 1/2 Unit 4 - Week 1/2

Unit 1 - Week 3/4 Unit 4 - Week 3/4

Unit 1 - Week 5/6 Unit 4 - Week 5/6

Unit 2 - Week 1/2 Unit 5 - Week 1/2

Unit 2 - Week 3/4 Unit 5 - Week 3/4

Unit 2 - Week 5/6 Unit 5 - Week 5/6

Unit 3 - Week 1/2 Unit 6 - Week 1/2

Unit 3 - Week 3/4 Unit 6 - Week 3/4

Unit 3 - Week 5/6 Unit 6 - Week 5/6

 Spelling Lists

Students will receive their list on Mondays, and tests are on Fridays.

Wonders  and Spelling City are websites to practice your words.

If your child loses his or her copy of the spelling words for the unit, you can view and print them from here. Each file contains all of the spelling lists for the year.   

Orange Lists

Blue Lists

Green Lists

Science / Social Studies

Unit Concept: Colorado Symbols/Geography/Regions

Students will learn the meaning behind the symbols of Colorado and be researching the five different regions in our state and sharing their findings with the class. Students will be looking for landforms, climate, major cities, animals, elevation, population, and industries and agriculture for their area. We will also be creating a salt dough map of Colorado so students can use what they learned from their research to apply to their map.


Unit Concept: Changes Over Time

Students will learn about Rock Patterns, Plate Tectonics, Renewable/Non-Renewable Resources, and Natural Processes.


Unit Concept: Economics

Student will learn about the relationship between choice and “opportunity cost” (the value of something that you give up when choosing something else). Personal Financial Literacy: Define positive and negative incentives.


Unit Concept: Communicating Using Wave Energy

Students will learn about Motion of Waves, Wavelength and Amplitude, Light Reflection, and Information Technologies.


Unit Concept: Colorado Biographies

Students will learn about Native Americans, European Explorers, Trappers and traders, Homesteaders, Gold and Silver Rushes and the trail makers and path finders of Colorado. The early pioneers of the Rocky Mountain West helped establish Colorado's early history. Fourth graders will be learning about them and the impact they made on our state.


Unit Concept: Using Energy Transformations

Students will learn how electric currents and collisions transfer energy and how speed increases energy. Students will also learn about how energy is stored and converted to one form to another.


Unit Concept: Organism Structures

Students will learn about Plant and Animal Parts and Sense Receptors.


Unit Concept: Colorado Government

Fourth graders will explain the origin and function of the three branches of government and describe how to engage in your local government to demonstrate their rights and initiate change as an involved citizen.

 About Us

Kristy Brady is a Colorado native! She grew up in Lakewood and graduated from Colorado State University in 1991 and soon after acquired her master’s degree in Curriculum and Pedagogy from the University of Colorado.  She began teaching in 1991 and has taught grades K-4.  This will be her 26th year of teaching and her 7th year teaching fourth grade at Eagle Ridge Elementary! She and her husband, Ed, live in Highlands Ranch and are the very proud parents of three wonderful boys.  During her free time, she loves to read, attempt to play golf, workout, and spend time at her family's cabin in Grand Lake. She is a huge Bronco fan, and can be found cheering loudly in the south stands at every home game!

Margaret Feltham grew up in Montclair, New Jersey. She moved to Colorado after graduating from Skidmore College in upstate New York, where she majored in elementary education and psychology. Margaret taught fifth grade for four years in Lakewood and is now in her third year at ERE!  She is moving to 4th grade this year after 2 years teaching 3rd grade. Her favorite part of teaching is “building relationships with students and watching them become confident in their learning.” Margaret enjoys the outdoors (especially lakes!), seeing live music, reading, and spending time with family, friends, and her two cats- Luna Lovegood and Reba.

 Bri Winder is excited to begin her 3rd year teaching at Eagle Ridge! She is originally from a small town in east Tennessee, but has lived all over the country. She went to school at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for an undergraduate degree in Exercise Science, and several years later knew it was time to make the career change to teaching. She earned her masters in Elementary Education from Western Governors University. She did her student-teaching at Shawnee Mission school district in Kansas in a 2nd grade classroom then finished out the school year working alongside the reading specialist with grades K-6. During her free time she loves to do anything outdoors. She, her fiance, and their dog, Hansel love to go hiking, camping, paddle boarding, and have recently taken up skiing now that they’re in a great place for it!