Destination ImagiNation

If your child is crazy about puzzles, loves to paint and draw, can build anything out of cardboard boxes, writes amazing stories, thinks up whimsical new worlds, has a flair for drama and acting, is totally into science or has rewired your toaster into a working time machine (or wants to), then you may have a Destination Imagination child.

Please contact Tiffany Platt for more information.


The Destination Imagination team, Heroes of Hope, is accepting donations for the House of Hope, a women's and children's homeless shelter. They are in desperate need of new underwear fitting elementary school age children. The shelter is also in need of "Kid Friendly" cereals, like Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes and Cocoa Pebbles. Donations will be collected in grade specific boxes inside the entrance of Heritage until March 2, 2018. A contest for most items collected will be held between each grade and the staff. There will be more details to follow regarding the contest, but as an incentive it includes throwing pies!!