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Week 6 -- 5/19/19

Dear Track & Field Families,

What a season! We wrapped things up last Friday evening at the District meet -- despite frigid temperatures, chilling rains, and lightning delays! Thank you so much for your continued support through these challenging five weeks. Even in the midst of all of the "hiccups" throughout the season, we (the coaching staff) have so appreciated and enjoyed this opportunity to coach your kids and be part of the best way to end the school year ;)

A few housekeeping items:

  • I, Coach Wakefield, will be in the large gym tomorrow morning from 7:00-7:25 to check in uniforms and sweats; please, students, bring your items washed and ready to turn in tomorrow morning;
  • District Track results are not known at this point as the organizers of the event had to switch from the camera system to the normal timing system -- and those scores are still being tallied;
  • Coach Douglas (head coach of the HRHS track and field team) has shared information concerning the many summer opportunities for 6th-12th graders at the high school. Check it out here!

Again, thank you. We have loved spending these weeks with the Cresthill Track & Field Team!

-Your Coaches,

Coach Studdard, Coaches Slothouber, Coach Chambers, Coach Wahl, and Coach Wakefield ‚Äč


  • Results (Click on the score "sheets" below to see individual times and scores -- coming soon -- (for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place)):
    • vs. Ranch View (home meet) (4/25)
    • vs. Rocky Heights MS (away meet) (5/2):
    • vs. Cimarron (hosted at Legend HS) (5/8):
      • Cancelled
    • vs. Sierra MS (home meet) (5/9):
      • Cancelled
    • vs. Mountain Ridge MS (home meet) (5/14):
    • vs. Sagewood MS (away meet) (5/15):
    • District Meet (5/17):

Other Important Details

  • Regular practice times, M-F, is 3:00-4:15;
  • Meets begin promptly at 4:15 (w/ field events and the 1600 individual) and end, typically, between 6:30 and 7:00 (although, if students have completed their events, they are free to leave/check out earlier);
    • Transportation is provided by parents, family members, and carpoolers. There are no athletic buses to take us to away meets so please plan accordingly. Students must sign out before they leave away meets;
    • When should students be to the meets? Well, if it's a home meet, students don't leave. We all meet in the large gym to get prepped for the meet and then move down to the field. So, that's easy;
    • For away meets, athletes should plan to be to the event/location by 3:30 to get their event stickers, directions and any last-minute information; we will begin a team warm-up once we get squads organized;
  • We recommend good running shoes -- not necessarily running spikes (as they don't work on our track surface); if you must purchase spiked running shoes, please keep spikes to 1/8 inch length;
  • All athletes will receive a uniform top and short as well as sweat shirt and sweat pants;
  • Critical that athletes bring water to practice . . . EVERY DAY!
  • Stay tuned for regular update as well as information concerning our Family Information Meeting