CMS Volleyball

Welcome to the Cresthill Middle School Volleyball Website!

This is our home for lots of information pertaining to volleyball at Cresthill. You will find schedules, information on the coaching staff, and other pertinent details concerning the best sport going. This will also be the place where you will find details about upcoming matches, if we have a cancellation, and other timely details.

On the hotplate!

  • 8th Grade Girls Volleyball gets going on Thursday, August 8th at 3:00 -- in the large gym!
    • Our Family Information Meeting is on Wednesday, August 14th from 4:00-4:30 in the large gym;
  • 7th Grade Girls Volleyball gets underway on Monday, September 16th at 3:00.

Important to Know

  • We practice every day (barring a few interruptions to our schedule), 3:00-4:30;
  • "Tryouts" really begin as soon as we start practices. We get a pretty good sense of our players very quickly and keep a keen eye out for where we believe players need be. All players are placed on one of the three "levels" of teams primarily based on skills and knowledge of the game. We have two days of "stations" that are geared toward uncovering current skill sets or needs (that will become part of the volleyball experience at Cresthill);
  • Players should have and wear a pair of volleyball kneepads -- truly a helpful thing!
  • Our practices are "closed" -- if you come in the building, please wait outside the gym for your daughter;
  • A good pair of court/tennis shoes is fine -- no need to purchase volleyball shoes (unless you so desire ;)

Your Coaches

We are gifted to have a wonderful group of talented and committed coaches. Here is who you can be expecting to see heading up the various teams, either 8th and 7th grade, this year:

  • C squads -- Coach Stroessner (8th Grade);
  • A & B squads -- Coach Wakefield, Coach Levine