Cimarron PTO

Our Mission

Develop a closer connection between the school, home, and community by encouraging parent involvement.  Enhance the educational experience by supporting academic and enrichment activities.  Improve the enviroment at our school by providing volunteer and financial support.

What does the cimarron pto do?

We support all aspects of a positive learning enviroment at Cimarron.  This includes social events for students, classroom tools to enrich teaching and learning, field trips to support learning, staff appreciation activities, and fundraisers to make all of this possible.
Activities include Festival of Trees, Book Fiars, Movie Nights, Conference Dinners, Staff Appreciation, Staff Grants, and much more!  Our PTO is made up of CIMS parents and community members, and we're ALWAYS looking for more hands to help!
Being part of PTO can be as big or as little a commitment as you're able to make... every contribution is appreciated and welcomed!
Join us at an upcoming meeting!*check back for confirmation on tentative meeting dates!
Jan 16 at 6pm- Cimarron Library*Feb 13 at 10am- Cimarron Library*March 12 at 6pm- Cimarron Library*April 9 at 10 am- Cimarron Library*May 7 at 6pm- TBD


There are many ways to get involved!  Here are a few opportunities....
Staff Appreciation: Volunteer to help set up and clean up at events Dontate items as requested Join the SA team to share fun ideas! Put together items as requested
Festival of Trees: Invited businesses to sponsor a tree and promote their business Set-up, decorate, and clean- up the "festival" Sell tickets and concession items at the "festival" Attend!  Enjoy!  Invited friends and neighbors!
Book Fairs: Sign-up to help set-up, "work the fair" by checking-out books and lollipops, and pack-up!


Please email questions and ideas to
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2023-2024 Cimarron PTO Officers & Board 

President | Becki Gonzales

Vice President | Kirsten Sladovnik

Secretary | Katie Kendrick

Treasurer | Jessica Murillo

Staff Appreciation | Suzanne St. Louis

Spirit Nights/ Events | Leila Sueper

PTO/SAC Liaison | Tiffany Foster

Festival of Trees Chair | Jessica Murillo

Book Fair Chai | Tammy Beangs

Community Events Chair | Jillian Talbot

CIMS Admin Representative | Staci Batterson

What's your Cimarron PTO up to?

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