Cimarron School Accountability COmmittee

Mission Statement & Goals

The mission of Cimarron Middle School Accountability Committee is to provide support to the student through communication of all stakeholders of the community including parents, non parents, students and staff members through a safe and positive environment. The SAC will ensure the community has a voice and Cimarron Middle School staff is supported.

2022-2023 Members:

Chris Zimmerman- Principal

Priyanka Graten- Assistant Principal

Steve Conway- Teacher Representative

TBD- PTO Representative

Kristen Shillington- Chair

Amy McDermott- Vice Chair

Monique Galasso- Recorder

Peter Griffin- Community Member

Diana Huston- Voting Parent

We strive to:

1. Maintain a positive environment where ideas are exchanged and communicated in the best interest of students and staff.

2. Create a functioning SAC that upholds the bylaws in accordance with the Colorado Department of Education.

We cordially invite any parent, community member, or school district employee to attend our meetings, as we are equal stakeholders in our neighborhood schools. The SAC aims to promote collective partnership and interest in academic rigor, fiscal transparency, and high-quality programming to meet the diverse needs of our students. If you are interested in learning about the inner workings of Cimarron, and wish to contribute your voice to fundamental decisions that shape the educational culture of our building, please join us!

Please direct any questions to the following email address: