Meet Ms. Phillips

My name is Cheryl Phillips. I graduated from Adams State University with a BA in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Reading. I later attended Colorado Christian University and graduated with an MA in Curriculum and Instruction. This is my fourteenth year teaching at Heritage Elementary. I have had the opportunity, while at Heritage, to teach third grade, fourth grade and now sixth grade.

What you always wanted to know about Ms. Phillips

1. Mother of two handsome and gifted men.

2. Grandmother to a beautiful granddaughter.

3. LOVE to bike and walk.

4. Used to take piano lessons in elementary, middle school and high school.

5. Have toured and sang on television.

6. My favorite subjects in school included; reading, math, and social studies.

7. I was born in California and have lived in Alaska and Colorado.

8. My favorite color is green.

9. I love a wonderful man, who also teaches middle school.

10. I have visited Paris, France and Amsterdam, Holland.

11. When I retire I want to live by a beach and travel often.

12. I love listening to music and dancing.

13. I have three fabulous brothers and a wonderful mother.

14. My father lives in Grand Junction and he taught me many important life lessons.

15. I have some of the best friends a person could ask for.

16. I love to teach!!!