2020 Colorado Academic Standards in DCSD

Colorado Academic Standards (CAS)

"The Colorado Academic Standards are the expectations of what students need to know and be able to do at the end of each grade."

-Colorado Department of Education

In order to provide clarity to the DCSD community, on July 11, 2017 DCSD Board of Education resolved that DCSD adopts the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS) as its own. See Resolution Here

The 2020 CAS are an integral part of achieving the Board of Education goals of Academic Excellence at DCSD.

Why Are Standards Important?

Educational standards help teachers ensure their students have the skills and knowledge they need to be on course toward college or career readiness by providing clear goals for student learning at each grade level.

Standards establish what students need to learn, but they do not dictate how teachers should teach. Instead, schools and teachers decide how best to help students reach the standards.

-Colorado Department of Education

What's The Timeline To Implement the 2020

Colorado Academic Standards at DCSD?

Timeline 2018-2019 Explore, 2019-2020 Transition, 2020-2021 Implementation, 2021 Spring State Assessments reflect revision of the CAS

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