Canvas for Students

All Chaparral students have a Canvas account. Your username and password are the same as for your school email account.

Logging onto Canvas on a Computer/Chromebook/etc

  • The most successful way to log in is via your email in Chrome (Chrome is a free download):

    • Log onto your school email account

    • Click on the Google App switcher located in the upper right of your email screen (3x3 dots)

    • Scroll down to find the Canvas LMS--it's usually on about page 3

    • You should see all of your courses

  • The direct link is:

Logging onto Canvas on a phone

  • Download the Canvas-student app

  • Search for Douglas County Schools, select the one with teacher/student at the end

  • Log in with your school email and password

  • If the app doesn't force you to select/star you courses, click on Edit (upper right) and select/star your courses

  • If you are at Chaparral, be sure you are on the DCSD-Secure wifi (log in with IC credentials)

  • Please note that the phone app does not have full functionality

A few tips

  • Always use the Chrome web browser on a computer/chromebook/etc.

  • Log into Canvas at least once a day:

    • Check each courses' agenda. This could be on the front page, in a module, or elsewhere

        • Your teacher will help you understand what works best for each course.

        • You can change the view of your dashboard to 'List' using the 3 dots in the upper right. This shows an agenda view that can be helpful.

    • Check for Announcements in each course

    • Check for any communication in your 'In Box' (lower left, global navigation)

  • Enable your Google Account:

    • Click on Account and then Settings

    • Scroll down to Web Services. Click on Google Drive and authenticate

        • You may be able to do this the first time a teacher shares a Google Document with you

        • If you get the 'Log In' screen when opening a Google document, scroll to the lower left and click Authorize. You will chose your school email and click the blue button in a couple of screens.

    • If your Drive won't authorize:

        • First remove the Google Drive integration from your Canvas Account in Settings--hover over it and click the red X.

        • Next, go into the three dot menu in the upper right of the Chrome Browser (sometimes this is an arrow), click on Settings, click on Privacy and Security in the menu on the left, click on Cookies and Other Site Data under the Privacy and Security section of the page, and then click Allow All Cookies.

        • After this is complete, go back to Canvas>Account>Settings to reauthorize your Google Drive.

  • Set your Notifications: Too many will fill up your email or phone notifications with info you don't need and make it difficult to see the things you do need.

    • Click on Account and then Notifications (if you don't have the Set Notifications banner)

    • Do not depend solely on notifications. You teacher will help you understand what's best for each course.

    • We suggest the following notification settings (of course, set what works for you):

Things We've Learned

  • Always, always, always make sure you are in Chrome and it is updated

  • Always, always, always log onto Canvas from your school email screen

  • Phones are not the most efficient way to submit assignments. IF you use your phone, please be sure you have your school email on your phone and that you have a very strong wifi connection.

  • View your Dashboard as Cards, not as a List

  • Go into each course, each day, check for today's work and long term assignments

  • Note that the calendar only includes due dates, not assigned dates