Buffalo Ridge Yearbook

A Note from Mr. Ryckman

Dear Students,

I want to personally thank all of those 4th and 5th graders who went out on a limb and applied to be a part of the BRE Yearbook Crew.

It breaks my heart that we couldn't take everyone who applied.

That means that there were a LOT of people that really wanted to be in your shoes so I hope that you take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

I want you to know that there were a lot of factors that we looked at when picking people for the club.

Here were the deciding factors:

1. We wanted to make sure as many BRE students as possible had the opportunity to join a club/activity so we looked at if they had the chance to be a part of BRE TV and/or Jr. Recess.

2. The photo samples the students submitted (and IF they submitted them).

3. The reasons given on the application for why they wanted to be a part of the yearbook club.

4. We spoke to teachers about classroom behavior, responsibility demonstrated in various classes, ability to work well with others, turning in assignments on time and excitement for learning.

5. We wanted a good balance of both boys and girls (because a yearbook should tell the story of everyone in the school).

6. We wanted to give as many 5th graders the chance to be a part of the crew because it is their last year.

Please check the calendar for meeting dates and listen carefully to announcements for any changes that may pop up.

Thank you!

BRE Yearbook Club Calendar