Boys Volleyball Club



Welcome to the Boys' Volleyball Club at Mountain Ridge Middle School! We are excited to introduce this new club and share its purpose with our students, parents, and school community. The Boys' Volleyball Club was established with the primary aim of promoting physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship, and personal growth among middle school boys.

Our Purpose:

The Boys' Volleyball Club is open to all middle school boys who have an interest in volleyball, regardless of their previous experience with the sport. We encourage parents, teachers, and community members to support our club's efforts to provide an inclusive and enriching environment for our students.

We look forward to a successful and exciting journey with the Boys' Volleyball Club at Mountain Ridge Middle School, where we'll learn, grow, compete, and create lasting memories. Let's serve, set, and spike our way to a fantastic season of volleyball and personal development!

-Brooke Hilgers