Mrs. Taylor

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How to sign into Google Classroom on a computer:

After you sign in to your student Google account:

1. Click on the "waffle"/Google apps icon.

2. Then click on Classroom icon.


Coding is an integral part of our technology curriculum at Bear Canyon. We use robots such as Bee Bots, DASH, Dot, Spheros, and Ozobots for hands-on practice while learning to code. Tynker and are other venues where students learn to use coding language to practice problem solving skills and evaluate their own ability to persevere when faced with a challenge. Our 3-D printer has added a new level of depth as students are able to take a conceptual idea and bring it to life.

Internet Safety and Privacy

Students at Bear Canyon are taught to be responsible digital citizens. Through the assistance of websites like Common Sense Media, parents have access to information that can help support that learning. Click here for a tip sheet for parents published on a website called Netsmartz.

Keyboarding Skills

Keyboarding is a life skill. Students must have a strong ability to communicate efficiently without the struggle of trying to find the keys on the keyboard. All students are encouraged to practice a few times each week. We tell students to focus on accuracy and using home row and the rest will follow. Check out our Student Links page - it has many fun games and activities to help students improve their skill. Parents, you can challenge your child to improve while you work on your skills too.