N.E. Art Curriculum

All student art projects at Northeast include


4 Colorado Academic Standards

1. Observe and Learn to Comprehend

(expression & communication)

2. Envision and Critique to Reflect

(critical thinking)

3. Invent and Discover to Create

(create using different media & technologies)

4. Relate and Connect to Transfer

(validate visual arts as part of the human experience)


Tips for looking at your child's art:

Take the time to discuss your child's piece

with him or her.

·Ask LOTS of questions! "What was this assignment about and what new skills did you use? Which parts were the most fun to make? Is there anything you would do

differently next time?"·

Find specific details about the artwork that you like and point them out and explain why.

What can you do with your child's artwork after it comes home?

Here are some ways to show that you value your child's artwork i.e. creative and emotional intelligence:

1) Consider hanging complex pieces up in a professional frame and place in prominent room in home.

2) Display simple pieces in a changeable frame, basement hallways, garage walls, or at least hang on the fridge:)

3) Have color prints made into greeting cards or some other inexpensive product to give as gifts.

4) For more simple pieces or for when you cannot hang a piece, put it in a special box or scrapbook.

Go through it annually and keep the pieces most important to you and your child.