7th Grade Coed Flag Football

Being a Part of a Great Team!

Competing for your school!

Flag Football is a fun and popular sport at MRMS! This is a coed league and each student athlete will have an opportunity to use their talents to help the team. Some students sign up for flag football to improve their skills according to a national or state standard, while other students sign up as a way to make connections and develop new friends. We encourage all levels to participate in flag football. Every year I have multiple girls play for A team because they have a skillset that is needed to help the team, so everyone is encouraged to participate. As coaches we will find a way to utilize your skillset to help the team succeed.

More advanced players and athletes are usually on A team, while athletes who are developing their skills are on B and C team accordingly. Playing time for A team is not divided equally, while B and C team players are guaranteed equal playing time. Our goal is for each student to feel like they are a valuable member of the team as we encourage competitive play, sportsmanship, and giving your best effort.

We normally have an A, B, and two C Teams. A team and one C team will both play at 4:00. B team will play immediately following A, and the second C team will play after the first C team game. This is the standard across the board for the entire district, not a MRMS mandate.

A/ B/C Team Coaches - Mark Elliot- mwelliot@dcsdk12.org Mark Sikora msikora@dcsdk12.org

Parent Meeting : Thursday September 15, 2022 4:45-5:15pm

-we will discuss the season, expectations, our roles, processes and some great volunteer opportunities, and answer your questions. We also will be so excited to meet you all.

Game Schedule

Away Game: Tuesday 9/20 Away Game: Tuesday 9/27


A and C1 games : 4:00 A and C2 games: 4:00

B and C2 games: 4:45 B and C1 games: 4:45

Away Game: Monday 10/3 Home Game: Wednesday 10/5


A and C1 games: 4:00 A and C2 games: 4:00

B and C2 games: 4:45 B and C1 games: 4:45

Home Game: Thursday 10/6 Home Game: Monday 10/10


A and C1 games: 4:00 A and C2 games: 4:00

B and C2 games: 4:45 B and C1 games: 4:45

1st Round of Playoff (A Team) Championship Tournament ( A Team)

Tuesday 10/11 @ CIMS Wednesday 10/12 @ Echo Park Stadium

Time: TBD Time: TBD

District Middle Schools

CMS- Cresthill


CRMS-Castle Rock

MMS- Mesa

RVMS- Ranch View

RHMS- Rocky Heights

SGMS- Sagewood

SMS- Sierra

Equipment Required

  1. Cleats

  2. Mouthpiece

  3. Athletic Shorts and Shirts

  4. Practice and Game Jerseys provided by MRMS

  5. Mouthguard

Team Motto

" Everyday and every way...we get better and better"

**September 12, 2022- 1st Day of Practice!! Please make sure you have registered on myschoolbucks, secured your up to date physical, and turned in all paperwork. These are required to participate!**