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Tiger Battalion

Douglas Strong, Tiger Proud!

Welcome cadets and parents to the official Douglas High School JROTC Website. Here you are able to find information on future events, information on different companies, information on the battalion staff and so much more.

Mission of Army JROTC:

"To motivate young people to be better citizens"

What is JROTC about?

Douglas High School's Army Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps, the "Tiger Battalion", is not a recruiting station or service for any branch of the Armed Forces.  Cadets that participate in JROTC are not obligated to service in the Armed Forces as a result of their participation. If a Cadet is interested in a branch of service, we can ensure they get straight answers from Recruiters, advise them on our experiences in the service, and support them in their desires and dreams.  If a Cadet is intent on going to college, we will encourage and support that as well. We will not attempt to change or divert their dreams for any reason.

    If your child is thinking about military service, joining Army JROTC is a perfect start; even if they prefer enlisting in another branch of service. Recruiters from all branches of service stop by throughout the school year to answer your child's questions about the different branches of service and the differences between them. Enlisting in the military is a decision for them and you to make, not us as instructors. If your child does not want to join the Armed Forces, that is fine as well. We welcome them into our program with open arms. The majority of Cadets at Douglas HS do not join the armed forces at all. A Cadet may enter our program at anytime during the school year. Cadets that participate in JROTC for 3 or 4 years and join the Armed Forces, enter at a higher pay grade which means they earn more money at the start.

When thinking of the Army, or any other branch of service, it is a common perception of being yelled at, excessive physical fitness/working out, and the challenges faced in Basic Training/Boot Camp; however JROTC isn't any of these things. We are a program designed around a military organizational design (Army Battalion); with a mission to create better citizens, instill leadership skills, and teach Cadets teamwork whether it is inside or outside of our program. Some of the things Cadets receive instruction on include the following; how to use a compass while navigating using a map, First Aid, Physical Training and Health, Drill Movements, provide Service Learning opportunities, and wearing a uniform that they can take pride in. We also teach classes on time management; how to study; the human brain; how to teach others; public speaking; personal finance and other life long useful subjects. Service Learning opportunities occur at least two times a year in the Tiger Battalion. Service Learning is Community Service activities where the need is identified by the Cadets, Planned, Resourced, Conducted and Assessed by the Cadets. This teaches the Cadets responsibility, service to others and gives back to the community.

             If you have any questions, please email or call the instructors to obtain more information about Army JROTC.