Locker Rentals


Locker Rental

This is a locker rental scheme direct with the suppliers, the school is not involved in the reservation / rental process nor do we take payment.

How To Rent a locker for your child


Enter Alnwick in the Location of Locker

Choose The Duchess's Community High School and the click Start Booking

The School Year should show September 2020 - August 2021

Enter the student details and choose the Student Year Group from the drop down.

Enter your contact information in the Create Account section and agree to the Terms and Conditions (following their review). Once complete, use the Choose Lockers to move on.

In the Select Block drop down choose Block A (the only option available) and from the Available Lockers section to the right, choose Show All Lockers Booked to then be able to make a choice of the locker number using the reference pictures below.

Choose the locker number from the list that appears and choose the Confirm Reservation and Purchase Lockers to proceed with payment details.

You have 15 minutes to choose a locker and proceed, the countdown clock appears on the right hand side of the screen.

The rental cost for the curriculum year 20/21 is £25

You will then be emailed a locker code along with the location and number of your locker compartment.

Repeat the process if more than 1 locker is required.

For assistance or support issues (other than to retrieve the code) please use the Locker Rentals Contact us form


Have your child go to the locker number detailed in your confirmation email

Enter the 4 digit code as provided in the confirmation email to open the lock

Should your child forget the code it can reissued by visiting and clicking

Re-issue My Locker Code

Locker Numbers & Locations

A-B Quad Lockers 001 - 068

A-B Quad Lockers 069 - 096

A-B Quad Lockers 097 - 128

B-c Quad Lockers 129 - 164

B-C Quad Lockers 165 - 200


important information

Whilst every effort is made to provide a weather proof locker, please ensure that items are inside bags or containers that would protect against any potential water ingress or extremes of temperatures.

The rental agreement is between Prefect Rentals and the lessee

  1. The rental period is from the point of rental (regardless of date) until the end of the current school year. Reduced rates for short date ranges are not available
  2. Rental fees are non-refundable
  3. Rental of lockers is non-transferrable
  4. All locker components including the electronic lock and batteries remain the property of Prefect Rentals and cannot be removed from site
  5. The locker can only be used by the lessee and lockers cannot be shared
  6. Lockers can only be used for the storage of personal items that belong to the lessee and must not include illegal items or any item prohibited by the school
  7. Prefect will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of items kept in the lockers
  8. Similarly the school will not be held liable for any loss, damage or theft of items kept in the lockers
  9. The school has the right to inspect the contents of the locker without prior notice
  10. At the end of the school year all items must be removed from the locker and the locker left empty. Any items left in the locker will be removed and disposed of without exception
  11. The locker should be left clean and in good condition
  12. Any damage or vandalism must be reported to the school immediately