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The College is asking all students and their friends and family to donate what they can , hopefully $5 plus to this very vital appeal. Donations will be collected during PC time .

Please pass on this website address via social media to your friends so they can be part of this movement to help Australian farmers feed their stock and run their properties.

St Paul’s is running its annual trip to Cambodia in July this year. During our visit to Phnom Penh 13 boys from Years 10 and 11 and 3 staff will be teaching English and Maths to orphaned children, teaching recued trafficked women and working with the Sisters of Charity and the Brothers of Charity. In Siem Reap they will be teaching in a village school on the outskirts of town.

As part of our tour we seek to take some items that may be difficult to get in Cambodia or cost wise are beyond the financial capacity of many of those we wish to help.

As such we are seeking your support for donations of the following items that will be taken by the boys and staff to Cambodia :

· Children’s clothes

· Age reader books for children through to teenagers

· Pens / pencils / erasers / sharpeners / exercise books / solar powered calculators

If you wish you can also contribute by purchasing:

· Unused Soccer balls / basketballs / volleyballs – these can be purchased from venues such as Mike Pawley Sports at Dee Why

· Foot pumps and connectors for the above

Nigeria Library Project

In addition to the above if you have used text books for any year level, St Paul’s is also collecting these for the Nigeria library Project which is another charity supported by the St Paul’s community. If you have any books to donate to this project can you please have your son give them to his Year Co-ordinator.

If you have any questions please contact Mr Brendan Quail on Ph 9977 5111.


Hello Boys,

You have all made a fantastic start to high school and what a great time we all had at camp. I am sure you will treasure memories made there for years to come.

I am very proud to be your Leader of Wellbeing (aka Year Coordinator). Myself and your pastoral care teachers will be here to support and guide you as you settle into student life. We will guide and encourage you as you journey from Manly boys into manly men.

We have a proud tradition at St Paul’s where our core values of respect, responsibility, reverence and results take centre stage. Remember as a year group we will always celebrate our differences and build a culture of inclusion and tolerance into everything that we do, this will be our strength.

All that your teachers and parents ask of you is that you always try your best.

Reflect on our College motto Prima Primum: First things First.

This will help you strive to become the best that you can be!

Are you interested in joining a performance group? If so come to the IRC and put your name dow We need readers and Foley artists. Have a look at the website for great video’s of famous actors reading children’s picture books.

Book 1 The Gruffalo' - sounds- forest- character voice

Book2 The Lost Thing'- sounds- metal- narration

Book 3 .The Cranky Bear- character voice


By now you will all have logged your reading on Destiny Quest and have begun your journey of reading all of the year 7 challenge books.

One of your challenges is Picture Book reading. We have purchased some great new books for you to borrow and practice performing at home. Come into the Information Resource Centre and ‘check’ them out.

Click on the image Writing T.E.E.L. This will take you to a page in the Information Resource Centre site. This page has videos that will support your understanding of essay writing structure and help you work towards writing confidently. Please refer to page 28 and 29 of your College diary.

LET'S GET READING! DESTINY QUEST. This is where you will log your reading. Check out The Information Resource Centre.

Have you read 'Diary of a Wimpy kid? LOG IT!

Have you read any of The Ranger's Apprentice'? LOG IT!

Have you read 'Harry Potter' ? LOG IT!

Have you read any of Muchamore's 'Cherub Series'? LOG IT!