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We would first love to welcome the teachers who have joined the Davies community this year. If you see them, say hello!

  1. Lucy Butler, Special Education 2. Monica Carvalho, English

3. Luis Cirello, Science 4. Carlos DeCarvalho, Automotive

5. Ryan Hall, Social Studies 6. Corey Iavarone, Mathematics

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Football Comes To Davies!

by MacKenzie Glennon and Julie Lavigne

When the Friday Night Lights illuminate across America, entire cities shut down and everyone convenes at the local high school football game. Players and coaches pour it all out on the field in an effort to prevail. Fans pack the stands to support and cheer on student-athletes they know and have relationships with. There's a genuine love and desire to see the team and players do well.

When it comes to Davies first-ever football team, everyone seems to have something positive to say. According to the players, they all say that they have a lot to work on but see their potential.

Coach Cabral, the main coach of the football team, explains, โ€œThis is my favorite time of the year. Playing football teaches life long lessons and it creates a family atmosphere with your teammates and coaches.โ€ He also explains that although the team is very inexperienced, they are very dedicated with good sportsmanship.

Sophomore quarterback Matthew Patenaude, number 13, told us that even though they lost their first game against Scituate and had ups and downs, they lost a good game. Even still, they have a lot to learn and things could be improved. He believes that as a group, they all did very well, know how to keep their heads up, and learn from their mistakes.

Overall, he sees this team as family, like brothers. His advice to his teammates? โ€œDonโ€™t give up and fight โ€˜til the whistle.โ€

TJ Lach, number 2, a senior wide receiver, says, progress takes time. But he believes, โ€œIf there's one thing the team has, there is no fear.โ€ Having attending multiple games this season, this fearlessness is evident. No matter who the opponent is, Davies football team welcomes the challenge.

What is the future for the Davies Football team? Well, they intend to improve in the years to come and hopefully put more time and money in the team. With more time and effort the whole team believes that will make a great difference. We think so too! Go, Patriots!

25 Things You Don't Know About Me... Mr. Nesse!

1. I wrestled in high school, and my weight class was 145 pounds. 2. My wife is a scientist with a background in animal physiology. Sheโ€™s much smarter than I am! 3. I have been playing drums for 20 years and guitar for 1 year. 4. My daughter was born in 2018, during my first year at Davies. She will be 2 years old this January! 5. I took my first crush on a date to see Titanic. My mom dropped us off at the movie theater. 6. My first job in high school was at Starbucks. I looked sharp in a green visor. 7. Iโ€™m terrible at directions, so I get lost often. 8. My mother was a Democrat and my dad was a Republican, but they got along terrifically, and they had a wonderful marriage. 9. Before moving to Rhode Island, I lived in New York City, Los Angeles and Baltimore. 10. I attended New York University for college, and I studied both English and music. My senior thesis was titled, โ€œMusic is the Weapon.โ€ 11. In my junior year of college, I studied abroad in Ghana. I learned how to play African drums. 12. I once played the part of the lion in a musical version of The Wizard of Oz. 13. My first job out of college was working as a paralegal at a law firm in New York City. I did NOT like it, so I decided not to go to law school. 14. I just finally started watching Stranger Things, but Iโ€™ve only seen three episodes, so donโ€™t spoil it for me! 15. My grandparents just barely escaped from Nazi Germany. My grandfather wrote down his story and left it for me and his other grandchildren so that we wouldnโ€™t forget what he experienced. 16. My grandfather became a law professor and taught Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg when she was in law school. 17. My wife and I built a climbing wall in our house. It was very hard work, but totally worth it! 18. My family has lived in Rhode Island for more than two years, but we just went to Newport for the first time. Itโ€™s beautiful! What took us so long? 19. I enjoy cooking and eating meat, but Iโ€™m trying to eat vegetarian more often because itโ€™s better for the planet. 20. I danced to โ€œThis is How We Do Itโ€ in my 5th-grade talent show. 21. I love to run! Look for me and my dog Hank running. 22. I read every night before I go to sleep. The last book I read was On Earth Weโ€™re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong. 23. I enjoy starting each of my classes by greeting students with GOOD MORNING or GOOD AFTERNOON! 24. I collect records, and I have thousands of LPโ€™s. The last record I listened to was Marvin Gayeโ€™s Here, My Dear. 25. I love being a teacher at Davies because of the kind, thoughtful students and because of my dedicated colleagues.

On September 28th, Davies hosted a car show and car wash at the school. There was a good turn out and everyone had a good time.

Images by Caleb Gilbert and Amedeo Musto

Classic muscle car showcasing its huge turbo

Local fire station shows of its ladder unit

Three Mustang GT500 Super Snakes

Big thank you to the SkillsUSA members who did a wonderful job with the car wash.

Two little stanced out Volkswagens

Skills USA students helping out

Making those cars squeaky clean

Daviesโ€™ Pink Out!

by Ella Fitzjohn

Pink Out! Day is a great way to show your support for breast cancer awareness month, which is in October. Ms. Vasquez, a Davies health career teacher, is the organizer for this event and puts in a lot of hard work for it to happen. October can be a special time for some families and it is amazing that there is a month to represent all that people who have had family members with cancer and survivors especially have gone through. On Friday October 18th, 2019, Davies will be celebrating breast cancer awareness month. I had the honor of asking Ms. Vasquez about the event.

Ms. Vasquez, what inspired you to start the pink out?

โ€œI actually did not strat Pink Out Day. Students came up with the idea several years ago. I am just carrying the torch."

Do you have any personal experiences with the disease or was it just pure desire to spread awareness?

โ€œAs a nurse I have cared for amazing, strong women affected by breast cancer. My best friendโ€™s mother struggles with breast cancer and my friend is very cautious and is a big advocate for educating people on the risks, the signs of breast cancer and breast cancer prevention.โ€

How long have you been doing this?

โ€œI started as the SkillsUSA and Student Council advisor last year, 2018. This is my second year organizing and promoting the event.โ€

Is there anyone else who has helped you along the way?

โ€œThe entire Davies Community helps out by donating and walking. There is an outpouring of students and faculty that want to help and be involved. The Davies SkillsUSA students help organize and promote the event. Jax Adele has been a big supporter of helping advertise and promote the event. She also helped design the t-shirts. The Graphics Department help by printing flyers and creating buttons. Created the buttons. The Cosmetology department helped last year by painting faces on Pink Out day and donating all the profit to the Davies Team for the Making Strides Against Cancer Breast Cancer Walk.โ€

What does the Pink Out! usually consist of?

โ€œIt is not all about just wearing pink. The school comes together to raise funds to support breast cancer research and promote awareness. Students and faculty dress in pink to show their support for the survivors, fighters and those who lost the fight to breast cancer. There is strength in numbers! The more people who wear pink and purchase pink items to benefit the breast cancer walk the more support we are giving. This year we organized a SkillsUSA Breast Cancer Awareness shirt sale to show our strength in numbers. All proceeds from the shirt sales will go directly towards the American Cancer Society.โ€

What has been your proudest achievement during past Pink Outs?

โ€œI think that seeing the support of so many students and faculty really has been the best.โ€

Ms. Vasquez has done such an amazing job carrying the torch to keep Daviesโ€™ Pink Out Day alive. We owe to her and the incredible helpers and supporters like Jax Adele who have assisted with this event and joined together to spread awareness for breast cancer.

Top Tips for Davies Students

By Averie Langdeau

Here at Davies, we may be a technical high school that is very different from a normal high school but the adjustment may still be a little difficult. Here are a few tips to help you survive at Davies Career and Technical High School.

Tip #1: Donโ€™t Stress too Much Over Work

High school is very important to your future careers, there is no denying that. Your grades will determine what college you get into, whether or not you can join a sport or go out on work based learning but they also arenโ€™t the most important thing in the world.

My freshman year I made sure to do every last bit of homework I had, I finished every project to a T and kept my notes organized and neat, and I missed maybe two days of school the whole year. I worked myself to the bone with soccer practice right after school everyday until 4:30, not getting home until about 5:45 and still having to eat, shower and do all my homework, it caused me to miss out on a lot my freshman year and I was stressed all the time; even after soccer season was over, I pushed myself to do the best I possibly could in all my classes.

It wasnโ€™t until the middle of Sophomore year when I realized it's okay to take a break from my work to hang out with friends or to play with my little brother or talk to my sister. Missing one piece of homework wasnโ€™t going to cause my grades to drop 50 points.

Grades are not the most important thing in high school, your mental health is. Take a break from your work, go outside and run around with your little brother, call your friends, watch Netflix and just de-stress because in the end itโ€™s going to be the memories you make with the people you care about that you will remember forever after high school.

Tip #2: Get Involved with Clubs and Sports

This is pretty much a given for anyone looking to make some friends. Since my Freshman year I have been a part of the girls soccer team and this year I joined the Newspaper and I have loved every second of it. However, one of my regrets of high school is not joining other clubs sooner; since I was on the soccer team I felt like I wasnโ€™t able to join other clubs because soccer took up most of my time but this year I decided that Iโ€™m not going to let that happen.

Being a part of a club or a sport is special. It helps you open up to people and make new friends, you become a part of something more than just yourself and lucky for us, here at Davies we have so many different clubs and sports. Just to list a few, there is Newspaper, of course, CSI Forensics, Making Caring Common, GSA, ESports, Soccer, Cross Country and Football, we just recently started Volleyball and Cheerleading and there is so much more. There's something for everyone here at Davies and itโ€™s never too late to sign up either.

Most of the clubs and sports will welcome you with open arms and they will make you feel like you belong somewhere. Not to mention you get free snacks after school and it also looks great on college applications.

Tip #3: Get to Know your Teachers

This tip may be kind of boring but trust me it is worth doing. My freshman year I started off shy and closed off. I barely talked to any of my teachers but once I got used to everything and got to know them, I slowly came out of my shell. Our teachers are here to help us, there are few (if any) teachers that donโ€™t care about your grades or how youโ€™re doing, yes you will run into some teachers at our school who are tough and they may grade a little harshly but that will happen at any school.

Here at Davies, you can joke around and have some fun conversations with those teaching us, you just have to make sure you know when itโ€™s the right time. For example, if there is a test being taken or youโ€™re in the middle of a lesson it may not be the best time to be making jokes. However, if you have some down time after your work is done and your teacher is in a good mood, that would be the perfect time to talk to them and tell them a joke or two.

A majority of the teachers here care about how you are, they want to hear that funny joke you have to tell, just as long as it's not interrupting something important; they are understanding of the fact that we are still teenagers and that sometimes we have bad days and just need a break like adults do. Get to know your teachers because I guarantee it will be worth it.

Tip #4: Share your Gum!

Now, I know that gum can be expensive at times and it is like currency here are at Davies but if you share your gum, you automatically become someone who everyone likes (that may be a bit far fetched but still). When you pull out a pack of gum, it's like the entire classroom turns into drug sniffing dogs and they can tell exactly who has the gum. They will begin asking for a piece and soon you will be overwhelmed with the amount of people suddenly pestering you.

You have two options here, you can say no and have the entire class be a little disappointed or you can say yes and be the cool kid that let everyone have a piece of gum. You will be praised and loved and everyone will remember you for as long as they are chewing that piece of gum. Whether you decide to share your gum or not is up to you but thatโ€™s also like saying you are choosing to be cool or not.

Tip #5: Hallway Etiquette

  1. Ramps: When it comes to walking in the halls the one piece of advice I hope you take away from this is to not stop in the middle of the hallways especially on ramps. Students only have a limited amount of time to get to their next class and some even have to make it to a whole other building and when kids stop randomly to either talk to a friend or significant other they are causing an unnecessary traffic jam that will cause a crowd of annoyed students behind them to be late for class.
  2. Pace: When walking in the halls please donโ€™t walk at a slow place. Like I mentioned before, there is only a limited amount of time to get to your next class so it is a good idea to walk swiftly through the halls. I also just want to warn you to be careful when you decide to walk slow this is because some people wonโ€™t stop and wait for you, they will push right past you and not think twice about it.
  3. Volume: Donโ€™t scream when walking in the hall or make inappropriate noises. In my almost four years at Davies not one day has gone by where someone hasnโ€™t yelled in the halls. Remember when you are passing in the halls to lunch there are other classes still learning as it is not their lunch time yet. Itโ€™s not funny, all it does is disturb the classes around you who are trying to learn.
  4. Surroundings: If you are the type of person to walk in the hallways with your headphones in, music blasting to block out the world, keep in mind that you are still walking in a hallway that can get relatively crowded. Make sure when you are looking down at your phone you use your peripheral vision so you donโ€™t run into anyone.

Tip #6: Donโ€™t Take Offence to What Upperclassmen Say

Now that I just finished telling you how to walk and talk, I want to also tell you not to always listen to what upperclassman say to you. Being an upperclassman is a right of passage, we get just a little more freedom and just a little more fun, we get to go to the prom and drive to school. Something else that comes with being an upperclassman is thinking that we run the school and that itโ€™s okay to make fun of the lower grades. Once people hit Sophomore year, some automatically think they have every right to chant โ€˜Freshman suckโ€™ during pep rallies or make fun of them in the halls and when joking around with friends or teachers. I am here to tell you not to listen to whatever they have to say.

Yes, upperclassmen will make fun of Freshman, there is no getting around that, it's not right but it's what happens sadly. Some Sophomores think itโ€™s okay to call Freshman names and make fun of them but news flash Sophomores, less than three months ago you were freshman too, you have no right to make fun of them.

Many Juniors and Seniors will make fun of the Freshman too. They will say Freshman suck, that they look like babies and that they are too immature. To all my Freshmen reading this, just remember that these are the same people who continuously clapped and sang happy birthday during lunch three weeks in a row for no reason and who scream in the halls and make loud obnoxious noises to make their friends laugh for a millisecond. Do not take whatever upperclassmen say personally because we were once you and everything you hear was once said to us too.

High school can be scary and hard at times but I promise when you get to your senior year you will wish it could last just a little while longer. This article is not meant to target anyone or make fun of people as a majority of these things I have done myself (excluding the screaming in the halls for no reason). I hope this helps at least one person.

๐•ฟ๐–๐–Š๐–—๐–Š ๐–Ž๐–˜ ๐–˜๐–”๐–’๐–Š๐–™๐–๐–Ž๐–“๐–Œ ๐–˜๐–ˆ๐–†๐–—๐–ž ๐–Œ๐–—๐–”๐–œ๐–Ž๐–“๐–Œ at ๐•ฏ๐–†๐–›๐–Ž๐–Š๐–˜!

by Amedeo Musto and Caleb Gilbert

Above the graphics department in the big window next to the ramp there is a basket-ball sized wasps nest There could be over 5,000 wasps in that nest. Our question is: is this a secret science experiment that the BioManufacturing Program has been working on?

On average, wasps start their nest in early spring and it reaches peak size in fall. That right there means that the nest has been there for almost six months. Is it in fact sanctioned by the school for BioTech or have the hornets put some sort of camouflage/cloaking device on the nest so most people don't in fact see it? I wonder what other things are lurking around Davies...The largest known wasp nest ever recorded is twelve feet wide; let's hope ours doesn't get that big because, if it does, then the theory that they will take over the school seems like it could be plausible.

The nest is kind of disgusting if you really think about it. Did you know that their nests are made out of paper manufactured from wood pulp? The wasps scrape wood fiber from weathered trees, telephone poles, fences, and cardboard boxes and then use their mouths to chew the fiber, mixing it with saliva and making it moist and malleable.

So... we basically have a giant spitball on our school's window.

Perhaps the school should launch an investigation into the origins and motives of these creatures.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

By: Juliana Gaviria

Resting behind a usual door at William M. Davies Jr Career and Technical High School is a new and improved world, full of dreams for many students. Thanks to the funding from the Rhode Island Capital Plan Fund, Davies was able to make a huge investment for the Center of Advanced Manufacturing also known as CAM, which has created many new opportunities and possibilities for students looking forward to focusing on this career.

With these funds, there was a completely new renovation of the Bio-Manufacturing program space, including the addition of a state-of-the-art cleanroom, the relocation and expansion of machine technology and the updating and addition of new equipment in Pre-Engineering and Electrical programs. The event was a complete success; many people attended including senator Tom Paolino, members of the Board of Trustees and Davies faculty and staff. Former teachers like Dana Hopkins, who started the Biomanufacturing shop at Davies, and past graduates such as Jason Paternina, George Stratis, Nick Quinn, Benjamin Remieres, Dakota McCaughey, Virgilio Gomez, Johnathan Woolford, Austin Rajotte, Nathanael Chery, and Nuno Santiago attended the event as well. Delicious appetizers were served for the people attending the event made by Davies students and the Hospitality chefs.

Thanks to this marvelous improvement in the school!

Interviews with Soccer Stars

Brian Gosselin #21, Senior, Left Back

When did you start playing soccer? 10 years old

What are your favorite soccer teams? FC Barcelona and Benfica

Favorite soccer players? Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, and Cristiano Ronaldo

What soccer player do you feel like you represent? Marcelo

What is your best soccer memory at Davies? Scoring a goal

What is your most embarrassing soccer moment? Getting megged badly

Matthew Martins #5, Senior, Forward

When did you start playing soccer? 5 years old

What are your favorite soccer teams? FC Porto (Portugal)

Favorite soccer players? Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Quaresma, & Kevin De Bruyne

What soccer player do you feel like you represent and why? Moussa Marega, because he doesnโ€™t score

What is the normal schedule for a high school soccer player?

Wake up, Go to school, Eat enough, Then a game or practice right after school.

What is your best soccer memory at Davies? Winning the championships

Brian Gutierrez #16, Senior, Right back

When did you start playing soccer? 8 years old

What are your favorite soccer teams? Barcelona, Manchester United, and Ajax

Favorite soccer players? Lionel Messi, Hirving Lozano, and Cristiano Ronaldo

What soccer player do you feel like you represent? Hector Bellerin because we are quick

Who is your favorite soccer coach and why? Coach Jason, who was his coach his freshman year up until his junior year.

What is your best soccer memory at Davies? Scoring a goal

What is your most embarrassing soccer moment? Sliding during a free kick

Ivelisse Martinez #15, Senior, Forward

When did you start playing soccer? 8 years old

What are your favorite soccer teams? Women's national team and Barcelona

Favorite soccer players? Lionel Messi, Hirving Lozano, and Cristiano Ronaldo

What soccer player do you feel like you represent? Neymar, he runs really fast and does nice crosses and tricks

Who is your favorite soccer coach and why? His name was Howy, he was really funny and he knew a lot about the game and he made practices and games actually fun and he knew what he was talking about and he helped me get better

What is your best soccer memory? Probably when I won the skills challenge when I was 10 or 11, I won for the whole town then I had to compete against people in the whole state and I won again

Alaynah Rubio #1, Senior, Goalkeeper

When did you start playing soccer? 2 years old

What are your favorite soccer teams? Real Madrid, Barcelona, International for Columbia

Favorite soccer players? Lionel Messi, Hirving Lozano, and Cristiano Ronaldo

What soccer player do you feel like you represent? Neymar because weโ€™ve all been through struggles and gotten through it in some way whether it through soccer or other ways

Who is your favorite soccer coach and why? Mrs. Brassard

What is your best soccer memory? All of us coming together as a team and at the end of the year having our final moments together

What is your most embarrassing soccer moment? Hyperextending my knee because I screamed loudly

Fledgling Volleyball Program Makes a Mark on Davies

by Bryanna Knapp

This year, for the first time in Davies history, the school has its very own girlsโ€™ volleyball team! Students have been thrilled with this new opportunity, including many of the incoming freshmen. The volleyball team is a great representation of our school spirit since the team is always showing enthusiasm and pride for what they do. The team accurately represents the schools โ€œThree Rโ€™sโ€ which stand for respect, responsibility, and a readiness to succeed. They represent these โ€œThree Rโ€™sโ€ by always being respectful to their teammates and coach, by being at games and practices on time, showing persistence throughout every challenging match, and lastly, by being ready for their games and having a positive attitude!

This program is a great way to encourage potential students of Davies to come and see how wonderful our school is. Having this athletic program as an option provides another lovely attribute to our school. Many students are quite passionate about sports, including volleyball, so to have this opportunity means a lot. The JV team consists of 11 players and their names are as follows; Toluwani Akomolafe, Chloe Blackburn, Emma Ise, Kendra Kouame, Reiley Murray, Cayla Wild, Giselle Garcia, Dejane Gomes, Malia Grant, and lastly, Gracia Sosa. The Varsity team also consists of 11 players and their names are: Ibiolatiwa Akomolafe, Miracle Dunn, Machaela Gunn, Rochelle Reaux, Claire Beatty, Alyssa Byron, Jordyn Coviello, Anya Lora, Vanessa Narciso, Cheyenne Robertson, and lastly, Kylie Viveiros.

Coach Shanelle Reilly is the coach of the girlsโ€™ volleyball teams and this is her first time coaching. She played throughout high school, college, and she currently plays for her graduate school intramural team. A typical day of coaching consists of strategizing and most importantly adapting since you canโ€™t be prepared for everything. She says that the best part of coaching is seeing the players grow off the court; she says she loves seeing her team succeed and grow. The most difficult part is when the girls are so hard on themselves. She feels as though she needs to do more to prevent that from happening. Some words of advice she has are โ€œnever look at the score - itโ€™s not about past plays but it is about the next play.โ€

Junior Cheyenne Robertson provided her insights about her journey of being on the Varsity Volleyball team. She originally started playing in October of 2016 after she went to a cousinโ€™s game and liked the sport immediately. Sheโ€™s been playing ever since and plans on playing throughout college as well as playing for clubs. Her opinion of a good coach is โ€œsomeone who makes their players believe in themselves, one who pushes the player to the best of their ability and one to whom the players look up to.โ€ Over her time on the team, she has learned that teamwork is very important in all sports, especially volleyball, and she has realized that they have to work together as a team in order to get better or make any progress. Some words of advice she has to give to her fellow athletes are to โ€œshoot for the moon because even if you do miss, youโ€™ll land somewhere among the stars.โ€

Toluwani Akomolafe also provided her opinions and insights about her JV volleyball experiences and endeavors. She originally started playing in the fifth grade after watching her sister play for her school; she says that volleyball is very exciting and she enjoys playing. After being asked what makes a good coach, she says, โ€œAll a good coach has to be is understanding, encouraging, and helpful throughout our practice and game time.โ€ She has learned that working alongside the team had boosted her confidence when playing and that she is a better player because of it. A few words of advice she has for her fellow athletes are โ€œpush yourself and be nice to your team no matter the circumstances because theyโ€™re the ones that youโ€™ll be relying on during a game.โ€