DCSD Blog Challenge

#DCSDblogs Challenge

The #DCSDBlogs challenge was created to help jump start blogging practices in the district. Blogging is a great way for educators to reflect on their practice and also to share ideas and resources, or find ideas and resources posted by other educators, and to build community!

The challenge provides a theme for each week during the month of April for educators to blog about – successes in the classroom, mistakes in the classroom, things you learn from other teachers, and advice you would give to a new teacher. Through the summary posts, it helps connect educators with others in the district who are also blogging. The intent of the four weeks of blogging consistently is to get educators started with blogging with a good support network and to help generate ideas for them to keep their blogs going into the future!

Blog along with us using the hashtag #DCSDBlogs!

Don't have a blog? Don't panic. We have Bucket Bytes to help you set it up. If you are not sure blogging is for you, feel free to respond in Drive and adjust your sharing properties so DCSD can see it with the link.

A bag of swag will be raffled off. Each blog post equals one entry.