google Classroom Banner Database


Welcome to the database of Google Classroom banners! These wonderful artifacts of creativity are student-designed and have been produced by the Computer Applications students in Mr. Mosier's classes at Sudlow and (eventually) Mr. Radue's classes at Wood.

How it Works

Each banner pictured has a "Preview" link, a "Copy link, and a "Download" link. If you would like to view it in its original size, please click the "Preview" link. If you would like to slightly modify the banner, then you may create a copy of it. If you would like to use it in its original format, please click the "Download" link.

Setting the Image as your Classroom Banner

Once you click the "Download" link, there will be a .png image file that will appear in your downloads. Once you are in your Google Classroom class, you are presented with the option to "Upload Photo" below "About"" and "Select Theme" in the image header of your Google Classroom. Clicking on the "Upload Photo" option will bring up a window that allows you to select a file from your computer. Locate the downloaded .png file, click upload, and the rest is done for you!

If you have made a copy and modified the original banner:

Once have a Copy of the original, you will be able to open it in Google Drawings. From there, go to File > Download As > PNG image (.png). Then, once you're in Classroom, select "Upload Photo" in the banner area, and then "Select a Photo from your Computer." In your downloads, locate the image. Then select "Upload." Your selected image will now be displayed as your class Google Classroom banner image.

Don't see your Content Area?

Please complete the form below and a student will create one specific to your subject, and a page will be created to house future renditions of that subject area.