Who is DataGrow?


Testimonials from current and previous clients


"Niko is fast, efficient, and responsive. He understands the USAID context including data limitations and challenges but can work within these boundaries to produce spectacular visualizations. He can also build robust data systems that allow others with less expertise to maintain and use the systems long after Niko's finished." Shawn Peabody, Environmental Incentives.


"We received excellent quality work from you. (niko)." Mohit Holmesheoran, USAID Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA)[performed tasks including writing R code and Tableau dashboard development]

"Niko offered high quality support to visualize a complex set of data and relationships!"  Iair Cohenca, Environmental Incentives.  [analyzed a complex data set using Tableau, R, and Google Sheets]

Services Available (video)

DataGrow can perform data use assessments of general or spatial data.  Please contact niko@datagrow.org for a quote. - updated March 1, 2023

(A data use assessment is a quick look at your data set and advice on how useful it is based on goals/decisions/etc.)

niko's CV is below,  email: niko@datagrow.org