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My goal is to support individual and organizational learning.

I draw on my 13 years' multi-country experience at the intersection of decision-making and data utilization for a variety of groups and organizations.


The above was created to better describe what I have seen is the value added to data from raw disorganized data (useful to small group of people in organizations) to visualizations (useful to broader group of people). - updated November 2018

2018_Nov_Data Use Diagram_update.pdf

The above was created in order to better describe what I believe to be organizational data capacity and its' "tiers/steps". - updated November 2018

I think there are some interesting findings here from Google research. Some of my previous work has involved capacity building and measuring what makes an effective team. I agree with a lot of the insights here, but context and individuals are always important. link here

As the below video from the Data-Pop Alliance demonstrates the availability and inclusion of data in many aspects of our lives has created the idea of "data literacy" as:

The desire and ability to constructively engage in society through and about data