Welcome to Datacision

Datacision Limited is a UK-based data and statistical science consulting company, providing services in data management, data standards (eg CDISC), statistics, SAS programming consultancy, together with data science training and interim management to a variety of industries, with major focus on the life science industry including pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies.

While many organisations recognise that data collection and data analysis are related, they are often treated as two discrete activities; with the majority of effort and money spent on collecting a large amount of data, only to find at the analysis stage that the data either need a lot of cleaning and reformatting prior to analysis, or, even worse, cannot be used for analysis. Analysing and interpreting the data using the appropriate statistical techniques would help you to gain further insight into the valuable data collected, and support your decision-making process.

At Datacision Limited, we view data collection, data analysis, reporting and interpretation as parts of a unified process, and good planning from the beginning is a crucial success factor.