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Access our 1-minute video tutorials to get answers to all your basic questions. You can also read through a list of frequently asked questions regarding our Canvas LMS, our MyQuest Student Information System, among other topics

What's New

One password for all your Darul Qasim apps

My Quest now offers SSO (Single Sign-On) capability - available to students and teachers

When you login to My Quest, just click Sign in using Google and login using your Darul Qasim credentials.

Darul Qasim's board, administration, and faculty talk about building a premier institution of higher education in North America.

Google Sign-In & Mail

Your Darul Qasim email account is a full-fledged G-Mail account. All academic correspondence is sent to your Darul Qasim account. Please check it frequently to stay on top of things.

Furthermore, your Canvas access is through your Darul Qasim credentials. 

If you have multiple G-Mail accounts, it is a good idea to sign out of all of them. Alternatively, you can open a private or incognito window and visit


MyQuest is Darul Qasim's Student Information System, i.e., our back-end registration system. You need it to register for courses, drop courses, check your grades and pay your tuition among other things.

You can now login to My Quest using your Darul Qasim credentials

Simply click Sign in using Google and authenticate using your Darul Qasim email and password. No more remembering a second password.


Darul Qasim uses the Canvas Learning Management System available at We support Single Sign-On for Canvas, so students can access Canvas using their Darul Qasim credentials i.e., their email address and password. 

Access to Canvas opens a week before the first day of classes in any given term. All students are encouraged to take the Passport to Canvas training course that comes with their access. If you have trouble accessing Canvas, email 

You are also encouraged to visit the Darul Qasim FAQ at to access FAQs related to Canvas, among other things.

One-Minute Tutorials

How do I check my E-mail?

How do I access Canvas?

Why am I not getting email notifications?

Check out answers to these questions and more in a 

series of one-minute video tutorials *.

* All students should have access to the Passport to Canvas training course. The tutorials on this wiki are just a way to get you using Canvas quickly. Please follow the training course for a more detailed treatment.

Known Issues

As a service to our student community, we publish any critical issues that are currently being worked on by our IT team. Check our Known Issues page frequently to get the latest updates.

Help us help you! 

If you discover any bugs or bad behavior while using Canvas, report them from within the Canvas app by clicking Help in the left-hand navigation and choosing Report a problem. If you run into issues with MyQuest, send an email with as much detail as possible to

Useful Links

Timetable  Class schedules

Academic Calendar  Important dates

Book List  Official book list broken down by program

Office of the Registrar  Access course-related forms and useful contact information

Safety Committee  COVID-19 resource, policies and documents