Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth

Safety Information

Quick Safety Guides


  1. Leave area
  2. Close doors
  3. Pull alarm
  4. Call 911

Chemical Spill

  1. Leave area
  2. Close doors
  3. Hazard to others?
    • Pull alarm
  4. Emergency?
    • Call 911
  5. Flush exposed body areas with water.

Heart Attack

  1. Call 911
  2. Shout "HELP"
  3. Send someone to fetch AED
    • Cummings – Great Hall –1st floor – South wall – near passage to Atrium
    • MacLean – Ground floor – near front stairwell – East wall – opposite and to right of reception desk in Atrium
    • AED device will speak instructions for use.
  4. Administer CPR if you know how, or ask bystander to find someone who does.

Shooter in Building

  1. DO NOT pull fire alarm!
  2. Run to a safe location
    • Safely exit the building if you can.
  3. Shelter-in-place
    • close doors
    • pull shades
    • turn off any sound producing device
    • remain out of sight
    • fight aggressively if you do
  4. Call 911

Please refer to the white three ring Dartmouth EHS "Policies and Procedures" binders for more complete information on safety at Dartmouth.