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Darryl Baskin is a Court-Appointed Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert with specific training in divorce real estate negotiation and court related procedures for Tulsa, OK family law. Baskin serves clients as a CDRE through the divorce process with a focus on preserving your wealth, your home equity, protecting your privacy, and representing you fairly without bias in your divorce real estate sale.

You have specialists in many aspects or your divorce:

  • Family law attorneys

  • Forensic accountants

  • Attorneys ad litem

  • QDRO attorneys

  • Child and adult psychologists

Your real estate agent should be no different. Find out more by scheduling a confidential call today.

Darryl Baskin is accredited by The Ilumni Institute, the nation's leading institute for certification of real estate experts in divorce sales. Additionally, Darryl has helped many divorcing couples divide their real estate assets through what is often the most difficult times of their lives. Having endured his own high conflict divorce and struggled through the damage, Darryl understands the importance of protection, privacy, and asset preservation as well as the critical methods required to avoid bias toward either party in the process.

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What makes The Baskin Real Estate Specialists Court-Appointed Certified Divorce Real Estate Experts.