Metis & Metis Online Catalog

We have gone rogue . . . to help you find a fiction book that you will enjoy, and you can even search our fiction section by genre!

Instead of having all of the fiction books classified just by the author's last name, the fiction section is now divided into fourteen (14) genres.

Those genres are:

Adventure, Classics, Dystopian, Fantasy, Graphic Novels, Historical Fiction, Mystery,

Realistic Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction, Sports, Supernatural, Suspense, & War.

All the books you enjoy are in one place! By using this new system, Metis,* we hope that you can look and seek and find to your heart's content. And, by moving the books around, we hope that you discover stories and authors you haven't noticed!

We're working to be relevant to every student every day!

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To search for a specific title, go to Edit, then Find and Replace. Type the title or the author to find the book.