The Darlington County School District is providing life-changing opportunities for its students through partnerships with the business community. Become a Key to Career partner and make a difference.

Watch to learn what our interns and mentors have to say about their experience with the Key to Career Program.

2020 Fall Cohort Internship Tentative Schedule

August 17-September 14-Intern employability skills training

September 15-17-Tentative dates scheduled for interviews

September 21-Business select interns and make offers

September 23-Signing Day, Mayo High School, 9 a.m.

September 24-Interns begin work

October 30-First evaluations due

December 4-Second evaluations due

December 11-Final day of internship

2021 Spring Cohort Internship Tentative Schedule

January 19-February 15-Intern employability skills training

February 16-18-Tentative date scheduled for interviews

February 22-Business select interns and make offers

February 24-Signing Day, Mayo High School, 9 a.m.

February 25-Interns begin work

April 2-First evaluations due

May 7-Second evaluations due

May 14-Final Day of Internship