Silver Team Weekly Homework

Silver Team News: Remember.....PICTURE DAY TOMORROW!!!! October 3rd, 2019.

Silver Team Teachers: Mrs. Boldrighini (Resource/Co-Teacher/Team Leader), Ms. Glass (Social Studies), Ms. Marshall (English B), Ms. Hesselsweet (Science), Mr. Turragio (English A), Mrs. Shannon (Math Course 1&2), Ms. Rizzo (Math Course 3), Mrs. Chajon (French), Mrs. Casasnovas (Spanish), Ms. Lentner (Spanish), Ms. Manco (Spanish)

Counselors: Ms. Sadler (Last names A-L) Ms. Sgamboti (Last names M-Z)

Reminders: This is only for homework - check Classroom or other sites as directed by subject teacher for work/materials. This WILL change throughout the week. It MUST be checked daily. Remember to record additional information given out in class as needed.

Silver Team Homework