Welcome to the Green Team!


Friday Facts: Enjoy the weekend!

Morning Drop-Off: Many students are being dropped off at school between 6:55 and 7:15. Please be reminded that there is no teacher supervision for students who do not have a rehearsal or an early appointment with a teacher, until 7:20.As always, my concern is student safety.

Attention Grade 7 Parents: On Tuesday, all parents of 7th-grade students were sent an email message explaining Grade 8 English course placements. Because the message includes information about criteria and waiver deadlines, it is recommended that recipients read it as soon as possible. If you have questions about this message, please contact Francis Janosco, the 6-12 English department chair, at fjanosco@darienps.org.

Cell Phones: Unfortunately, students continue to be on their phones during class time, texting friends and family, taking pictures and creating Tik-Tok videos, listening to music, and receiving notifications.As I have stated before, this is an interruption to teaching and learning. As of today, any student who does not comply with the MMS Cell Phone Policy will not be permitted to bring a phone to school. The administration will notify parents.

Mark Your Calendars

  • February 14: NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS: Professional Development
  • February 17-21: NO SCHOOL Winter Break

Have any questions about the Green team? Email Mr. Sorensen, the Green team leader.