6-12 Social Studies Department

Welcome to the 6-12 Social Studies Department website of the Darien Public Schools. This site provides an introduction to our departments at Middlesex Middle School and Darien High School. You will find basic information about our department, what we value, and the skills that we focus on with students.

Our Social Studies work with students is organized around the inquiry arc. Inquiry is a process of investigation and discovery that students engage in, guided and aided by their teacher. The inquiry arc has four stages that we work through with students. The first is asking compelling and essential questions. The second is learning discipline-specific skills and concepts. The third is reading and investigating specific sources of information. The last is drawing conclusions and sharing them with others. This approach gives students the tools, skills, and knowledge they need to function in their academic, career, and civic lives of the future. Throughout students' secondary school experience they will have opportunities to engage in the inquiry process, sometimes with experiences that are completed within one class and others that last week or months.

If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to:

Keith Keeler - Social Studies Department Chairperson


203-655-3981 ext 2262