DPS Science Department

Welcome to the Science Department for the Darien Public Schools

Here you will find resources and information related to our science programs for Grades 6-12.

In case you missed it!

Parent Presentations for Standardized State Assessments are linked below

Please feel free to reach out via email if you have any questions.

MMS Parent Meeting on Standardized State Assessments

DHS Parent Meeting on Standardized State Assessments

Our Vision for Learning K-12

The Science Department of the Darien Public Schools is dedicated to providing a science program that piques students’ curiosity, captures their interest, and motivates their engagement while also promoting the understanding and application of science concepts and practices. The curriculum is designed to ensure that all students engage in essential experiences that reflect the intellectual rigor of inquiry, exploration and application in order to achieve at high standards of scientific literacy. By using students’ perceptions of the world around them, our program provides opportunities to expand, enhance, and modify the ways in which they view and make sense of the world.