Darien School District 61 Strategic Plan

WHAT is the strategic plan you ask? The Darien School District 61 Strategic Plan has 3 components:

  • The Mission and Belief Statements

  • Goals

  • Greatness Indicators

The Strategic Plan provides the district with a roadmap that guides our decisions to best meet the needs of our students and community. Please use this site to find out more information about our Strategic Plan.

Mission and Belief Statements

Our Mission defines all we are about, our students, and wanting what is best for them. The Belief Statements that accompany the Mission define our non-negotiables, or what it will take to see the mission come true. Together they set the stage as we work together to take our district to greater heights.

The Mission of Darien School District 61

Inspire and empower each child to realize their full potential

Each Child realizes their full potential when we ~

~ Develop, retain and value innovative and empathetic staff

~ Provide a safe, welcoming and inspiring environment

~ Deliver instruction that is engaging, relevant and rigorous

~ Elevate learning by embracing our diversity and promoting equity, inclusion and access

~ Seek and build community relationships

~ Allocate resources in a purposeful, fiscally responsible manner


The Goals were developed from the feedback received in the parent/staff surveys, as well as student assessment and financial data. The Goals are intentionally set to build upon what we are doing well and improve upon identified areas in need. They are set to a 3 year plan, outlining what and when we would like to see work on the goals done and accomplished. Each year the district will reassess the progress towards these goals and adjust as/if needed.

Greatness Indicators

Greatness indicators are measures that will let the district determine if we met our Mission. More specifically if:

  • We have high levels of performance

  • We have a distinctive positive impact on the lives of everyone in our school community (students, staff, families, community members)

  • Our impact has a lasting effect

These will be developed and adopted in the 2022-2023 school year

Strategic Planning Process

October - January 2022

Information about the process is provided to the community, and the pre-planning process begins.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment conducted by the district including (see below):

February - March 2022

Strategic Planning Committee comprised of 34 members of the school community (parents, teachers, administrators, BOE members, community members, students), held four 3 hour meetings (additional meetings were held with a sub committee as needed to work on the Mission Statement) to work on and develop the components of the Strategic Plan.

The Committee then submitted the plan to the BOE for approval.

March - June 2023

March 2022- The Darien 61 Board of Education Adopted the Mission Statement, Beliefs, and Goals of the Strategic Plan.

June 2022- The district begins implementation of the Strategic Plan by developing action steps and process for meeting goals.

September 2022 - June 2023- Greatness Indicators are finalized and adopted. District continues work on year one goals.

Why Did Darien 61 Adopt a Strategic Plan?

Darien 61 underwent the process of developing a strategic plan to provide the Darien 61 School Community the opportunity to assist in the development of the mission of the district and the goals to reach it.

  • The strategic plan helps Darien 61:

      • Develop community understanding of school operation.

      • Gather community attitudes and desires for the District.

      • Allow the community to feel a more direct responsibility for the quality of education provided by their schools.

      • Earn the community’s goodwill, respect, and confidence.

      • Foster and maintain a genuine spirit of cooperation and trust between the school and the community.

Please use this LINK for further information regarding the process.

Who was Involved?

All stakeholder groups of the school community were represented, including the entire school board and representatives from the administrative team, teachers, students, support staff, parents, and non-parent community members. See Team Make-up for details.

How Can I Be Involved?

The district will be seeking further input throughout the upcoming school years to provide feedback and guidance on the how to meet the goals of the strategic plan. This may be done with advisory committees, surveys, or other means as needed. You can contact Robert Langman if you are ever interested in being involved with the district and the initiatives. blangman@darien61.org