CYP's KidsFest Adventure

Children & Youth Partnership for Dare County (CYP) is excited to announce our KidsFest Adventure, a free self-guided activity hunt around the Outer Banks from May 7-17. During CYP's KidsFest Adventure, an Adventure Guide will list dozens of fun activities for young children throughout Dare County. Hard copies of the guide are available at select locations around the Outer Banks (Children & Youth Partnership, Fessenden Center, Dare County Libraries, Outer Banks Family YMCA, and Surf Pediatrics & Medicine. The Adventure Guide is also able to be downloaded here.

As families complete activities from May 7-17, they can check them off the adventure guide. Following the final day of KidsFest Adventure on May 17, families will submit their activity guide to CYP (by May 20) to be entered into a drawing for a chance to win an exciting grand prize package of gift cards and merchandise.

Families can follow CYP on Facebook ( to stay up-to-date with KidsFest Adventure happenings from May 7-17.

Here are a Few Things to Know about CYP's KidsFest Adventure:

  • The Adventure Guide is available for download here.

  • Activities for KidsFest Adventure are geared toward young children (ages birth-five), though participation by all ages is welcomed.

  • Participation in KidsFest Adventure activities is FREE. However, there may be an admission fee required for some locations. If an admission fee is required, it will be noted under that activity within the Activity Guide or below in the

  • Not every activity in the adventure guide occurs every day (May 7-17). Please check dates/times for the activities in which you plan to participate.

  • Activities listed (particularly those providing materials) are available on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.

  • Activities that are part of the Adventure Guide are subject to change based on weather, etc. Visit or look at the activity descriptions here for up-to-date KidsFest Adventure information each day.

  • Families must complete a minimum of five activities (and submit their activity guide to CYP) to receive an entry for the grand prize. Additional activities completed do not equate to additional entries. Additional entries can only be earned by answering the questions in RED included under some of the activities in the guide and on the Activities Page.

  • For details about the grand prize and how to submit your guide, check out the last page of the Adventure Guide or visit our Submitting your Guide and Grand Prize pages.