Danville Robotics


Danville Middle School team, Cereal Killers, is advancing to World Competition. They need your help to get there!

Middle School State Qualifiers

Cereal Killers

Team Members: Jacob Byers, Nick Mosher, Evan Crider, and Nelson Troyer

North Union - North Union took home 28th in Teamwork and 18th in Skills 

Mapleton - Danville Cereal Killers took 1st Place in Skills, 2nd place in Teamwork, and won the Excellence Award. 

State Competition - Second Place Teamwork 

World Competition - World Competition will be held in May in Dallas, Texas. 

Hot Tots

Team Members: Riley Malone, Logan Joseph, and Carter Wittel

North Union - The Hot Tots took 16th in Skills and 30th in Teamwork.

Mapleton - The Hot Tots took home 2nd place in Skills, 4th place in Teamwork, and the Think Award. 

State Competition - First Place Skills, Sixth Place Teamwork, and Think Award

Elementary State Qualifiers

Danville Tater Devils 

Team Members: Will Samples, Kyler Sanders, Easton Looney, Claire Ashman, and Fiona Bratton

North Union Meet: The Danville Tater Devils took fourth place in the teamwork division and sixth place in Skills competition. 

Mapleton Meet - Danville Tater Devils took first place in Skills and in the Teamwork portion of the event. They also took first place in sportsmanship!

State Competition - Danville Tater Devils took fourth place in the state for team work and 11th place for skills. They had an awesome year!

Danville Tomato Devils

Team Members: James Malone, James Hochstetler, Malcolm Yoder,  and Ava Hall

North Union - The Danville Tomato Devils took 5th place in the Teamwork portion of the competition. They were paired with our other Danville team in the finals.  They also took 10th place in the Skills division of the competition. 

Mapleton - The Danville Potato Devils took 4th Place in Teamwork and 6th place in Skills

State Competition:  26th in Skills, 32nd in Teamwork.  The did a great job!

Danville Devil Cows

Team Members: Aiden Zemilis,  Landon Breckler, Connor Shields, and Elizabeth Holland

North Union - The Danville Devil Cows placed 25th in Teamwork and 35 in Skills 

Mapleton - The Danville Devil Cows placed 5th in Teamwork and 17th in Skills. 

Danville Destroyers

Team Members: Josh Westrick, Josie Gunther, Magnus Williams, and Jayce Colopy

North Union - The Danville Destroyers took 5th place in the Teamwork portion of the competition. They were paired with the Tomato Devils in the finals. 

Mapleton - Danville Destroyers placed 20th Teamwork and 20th place in Skills. 

Blue Waffles

Team Members: Connor Hood, Brantley Uhler, Derek Joseph, and Del Cline

North Union - The Blue Waffles took 39th place in Teamwork and 35th in Skills. 

Mapleton - The Blue Waffles took 5th and 12th in Skills.