The Grade 10 Personal Project

what is the middle years programme personal project?

  • It is an opportunity for you do turn an personal interest that you already have into a project that you can use to further develop your skills and knowledge of the topic.
  • It is an independent piece of work that will take more than 40 hours to complete.
  • A minimum grade of 3 for the Personal Project is a requirement to qualify for the DISV MYP Certificate, and the grade will be included in your second semester report.
  • A large part of the grading is about how you develop as an IB learner and how you use and improve your ATL skills.
  • It will be based on one Global Context.

the 3 parts of your personal project

The Product or Outcome

You can choose pretty much anything as long as you can show that you have a real personal interest in the topic and also have had prior learning. It you be something that you construct, something that you write or compose, a development of a skill, a piece of research.... the possibilities are endless.

The Process Journal

This is hugely important as it is where you document all your research, planning, taking action etc. When you come to writing your report, you will refer to this and include parts of it in the appendix of your report.

The Report

At the end of the day, this is what actually gets graded. Your report can be in written, electronic, oral, visual or combination of formats. The report is distinct from your process journal and product/outcome. In the report, you discuss the process you carried out and what you learned from completing the personal project. Your report should be structured in identifiable sections, following the MYP objectives as laid out in the grading criteria.

visualizing the process

If you have done any MYP design, then you will notice from the graphic below that the process is very similar to the design cycle.

  • Investigating = Inquiring and Analysing
  • Planning = Developing Ideas
  • Taking Action = Creating the Solution
  • Reflecting = Evaluating

This means that a lot of what you have done in design, such as planning with a GANTT chart and creating specifications, are applicable to the personal project as well.

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