Upon graduation, all learners will be able to communicate effectively and collaborate with others to create innovative solutions to problems that advocate for a diverse array of topics and issues.

ADVOCATES - Graduates celebrate all forms of diversity and actively work to protect the rights of all in our community.


  • Students will value diversity and the perspectives of others, demonstrate empathy and cultural competence, and understand the effects of bias and confront it.

  • Students will understand community interdependence and take action to foster social change as proactive local and global citizens.

COLLABORATORS - Graduates work well with others to identify problems and create solutions with an open mind.


  • Students will work effectively with diverse team members, respect different opinions, and balance seeking to understand with trying to be understood.

  • Students will assume shared responsibility when working interdependently to accomplish goals and persevere through disagreement to build common understanding.

COMMUNICATORS - Graduates communicate their own thoughts and emotions as well as effectively engage with the perspectives and feelings of others.


  • Students will speak, read, and write for a variety of authentic audiences to inform, influence, motivate, or entertain.

  • Students will communicate effectively through a variety of traditional and digital media, including art, music, and performance.

  • Students will practice active listening to advance their own understanding of others, and exchange thoughts and opinions in a respectful way.

INNOVATORS - Graduates identify problems and create solutions.


  • Students will think critically and flexibly to obtain, interpret, and use knowledge, facts, and data to identify and solve problems.

  • Students will generate, evaluate, and implement imaginative solutions to real-world problems.

  • Students will be agile in developing solutions, demonstrating persistence and resilience in the face of adversity or failure.

LEARNERS - Graduates use acquired skills and knowledge to transform life for self and positively influence the lives of others.


  • Students will adopt a growth mindset, continue to pursue knowledge, acquire skills, and apply new learning.

  • Students will independently apply real-world life skills learned from a college-ready and career-connected curriculum.

  • Students will advocate for themselves, seek out assistance when needed, adapt to new environments, and examine the perspectives of others.