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Trout in the Classroom Presentation

Our brook trout eggs arrived on October 31st. We have 308 live eggs that were put into the aquarium. Surprisingly, some have already hatched. It will be exciting to watch them grow and change. Ask your child about updates.

Beautiful mural

Box that the eggs and food came in

Brook trout eggs in an egg basket. Noticed some have hatched and some are in the eyed egg stage.

We put some eggs in a "redd" at the bottom of the tank.

Over Thanksgiving break, our fish began to eat food. They are now called fry. This week we will take them out of the egg baskets and release them into the aquarium. It will be fun to feed them 3 times a day while we watch them swim around.

Immigration Simulation and Breakout --- Thank you to everyone who made Ellis Island come to life for our students.